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SMS Capital Partners L.P. ("SMS" or the "Fund" ), a Georgia limited partnership, has recently been formed to provide eligible investors with superior long-term capital appreciation through investments into our top picks of publicly traded hyper growth companies (typically between $100MM and $5B market capitalizations). The Fund’s general partner, Winslow Asset Group, a Delaware limited liability company formed in 1999 is invested alongside with the limited partners.  SMS is an exclusive and very limited investment opportunity ($50MM max offering) to accredited individuals with a minimum liquid net worth greater than $1MM and institutions with minimum equity of $5MM. 

This page does not constitute an offer to sell nor is it a solicitation of an offer to buy SMS Fund interests. SMS Fund interests are being offered to a limited number of qualified investors pursuant to a Confidential Private Placement Memorandum (“Memorandum”). Accordingly, the information contained herein are qualified in their entirety by the more detailed information contained in the Memorandum. An investment in the Fund involves certain risks which are detailed in the Memorandum. The principal risk is that the securities within the Fund could decline in value. We invite prospective qualified investors to contact Winslow Asset Group, LLC, the General Partner at (770) 864-0007 or for more information including a copy of the Memorandum. The information herein is subject to change without notice.

Socially Responsible Strategy

SMS will focus its highly disciplined investment activities in areas which management has significant investment experience and in which they can add additional value beyond a passive capital investment. More specifically, this includes so called green tech, clean tech, and energy tech companies who focus on technological advancements to create efficiencies in energy  production, distribution, storage and consumption. Secondarily, our team seeks to identify special situations, turn-arounds and disruptive technologies from a variety of industries.

The SMS strategy to achieve outsized gains for its partners is an intensive research driven approach primarily focused on long equity positions in small and micro-cap companies with  disruptive and/or defensible technologies. Investment targets are in socially responsible industries that are primarily U.S. listed equities under $5B market cap with valuable intellectual property (IP), effective management, a clean balance sheet, and a positive catalyst to drive revenue and earnings on the horizon.